Basic units in Clash of Clans

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One of the most effective strategy in the game is to use low cost units like Barbarians, Archers and Goblins. We  will describe them, in general in this article, so if you are new to the game,you may get better understanding of this strategy anduse of clash of clans gemmes illimite.


The first unit who is available to you in the game is a Barbarian. You’re probably familiar with the barbarians, even if you tried to take part in the battle at all, and this warrior has many unique features associated with it, so we will not go too far into the details of the characteristics of Barbarians. It is quite simple – they are made for attack. There is nothing unique in Barbarians, training lasts only 20 seconds, and it certainly makes it one of the most simple units that exists in Clash of Clans. Barbarians are useful for an attack on a basic level, but if your opponent has the Wizard Tower and Mortar it is highly recommended to back up them with other units.


Archer is the second unit you’ll unlock, and it is one of the most fascinating soldiers at the beginning of the game, the unit you will often use to attack your enemies. Unlike Barbarians, with archer you can attack from a distance, which makes them a bit more useful if you know how to use them properly. To get the best benefit from the use of Archers, try to use them in large groups. They are incredibly easy to die, so you have to use them in a smart way. If you can learn to get the most out of your Archers, they can help you save a lot of trophies and gold elixir in the Clash of Clans. To use his Archers effectively, and keep them in combat as long as possible, it is necessary to use them in front of other soldiers, such as Giant, Goblin, or Barbarian, which will divert protective structures until Archers make their case. While your other troops get some damage, Archers will remain primarily intact. Try Giants, Goblins, or the Barbarians in the early stages of the game, and you will not regret it. You can collect trophies incredibly fast.


Goblins, you might assume they are fast and greedy as their ever portrayed in movies or books. Goblin is the fastest unit in the game, but you cannot use the Goblins to kill enemy units. Goblins will only go for resources, and will completely ignore all troops. Goblin can be face to face with a Cannon, for example, and just run away, trying to get the resources. Like Barbarians, Goblins are very vulnerable against splash damage. Goblins can be useful for many things, so once when you can update Goblins, be sure to do it. You will not regret it.

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Instagram brand strategies

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Why you should have an Instagram account and what are the benefits to your online store? Instagram works well used as a catalog of products and to give a way to meet in contests or promotions Only limit is creativity.

As you clearly see why we recommend free instagram followers 2016 while using Instagram, it’s time to review some of the brand positioning strategies that can be implemented to achieve incensement in followers, but they can also be focused to take a portion of the purchase. The first thing to do is to understand what your market wants. You have to know your customers, what they like and do not, what kind of photos are more successful, what types of hashtag to use, etc.

Maybe not just difficult, but the reality is that if you run a meeting supporters of your competitors, they face a possible disgruntled buyers seeking new options, a loan to spend elsewhere. What you do is a list of accounts from your competitors; you should consider them to meet the requirements of your potential customer. These actions can take an entire day, but you will see remarkable results immediately. Your task is to conquer the followers of these existing customers and make your mark.You probably have time to plan; the truth is that publish content is one of the actions that will generate more followers. The following programs can your content, depending on your budget.

   FollowLiker is an application only for PC, but it is still powerful. FollowLiker automatically share and download your Instagram photos, plus it can be used for tweets, Facebook messages in the pins and Pinterest.

   HootSuite – can be programmed directly to your Instagram platform. The advantage is that if you use it you can schedule tweets and messages on Facebook also; panel know how to handle it, since you can use for free.

Instagress – the course of this platform allows testing directly from your three days option if you want to reserve your Instagram post. If you later decide that it is useful, you only need to pay a monthly fee.

Before you implement your marketing strategy, read the common strategies, analyze your customers, make a list of pros and cons of using, identify the budget, test with a small, selected group where you include some of your existing customers. With this, you will realize that followers really interact with your account and you can transfer a part of your efforts to enthusiastic users.

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New advertising options on Instagram

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Last year we reported that the relationship between social networks and e-commerce is getting better and that more than 50% of all traffic generated in virtual stores is coming through mobile devices. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that most online retailers are eager to take advantage of visual social networks like Pinterest and Instagram to promote their products and attract measurable traffic, generating sales directly on the website of each.

Advertising on Instagram is present. A few days ago, the network announced instagram followers hack 2016 and it is expanding its direct advertising options through their slideshow option. This new promotion allows manufacturers to include a sequence of several images in the same publication to tell a short story. The user can access all the images by sliding left navigation, have access to all the resources and know more about the product or the brand.

The last image of the sequence is accompanied by the Read More button where they can add a link to the website selected by the brand, which will open in the internal browser Instagram. In its announcement, Instagram explained that last year many retailers and brand owners demanding more options in the mail network. It should be noted that until recently, no Instagram link were used to any site, using the option to “link in my biography” approach that most companies used as a solution. Some people consider the possibility of adding links directly to publication is an attempt to reach Instagram brands that are present in electronic commerce. The numbers are increasing in that regard, therefore it is right time to invest on Instgaram.

We are sure that most online marketers and advertisers are placing new smart ways to leverage this new feature to encourage users to “slide right” to see all images that share. For example, Instagram suggests that a fashion business can use the full slideshow with a different series of images . Another approach that can be used to create discount codes and special offers which will be revealed when the user navigation slide your left and completed all the images, revealing his reward at that time. Instagram is currently presenting the new format of a limited user base. We will make that announcement as soon as this function is available to the public.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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After the endless controversy that followed the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox Software team has not been the same. The climb-downs have partly undermined the confidence gained with the worldwide success of the first two Borderlands and the desire to create something different materialized with Battleborn, the new project that Randy Pitchford and partners are working on. Gearbox Software closes the trilogy of old Jan Borderlands with a sequel set between the first and the second chapter. Return on Pandora (or rather, its moon) is still a pleasure?
The development of this Pre-Sequel was thus entrusted to 2K Australia Team (BioShock 2) with the developer Texan engaged in secondary role of “artistic adviser”. The two teams have therefore mutually decided not to build a following, but a prequel set between the first and second episode.

The style is still the same and the recipe is still tasty,but you are no longer on Pandora, but on its moon Elpis . The protagonists of the story are all (almost) unedited and all linked to the infamous Jack the Fair.Having got used to a slightly different perspective from the usual we had to deal with a much more important factor for the gameplay of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and that is gravity! Each of them, as usual, has a different power, ranging from an energy shield that can absorb and reflect the blows to the possibility of using combat drones. Being so on a moon, with different atmosphere, consume oxygen and occasionally you’ll have to recharge your survival kit. This innovation adds a tactical pinch of pepper, although in some cases forcing the player to search for reserves of the precious element, fragmenting a bit ‘the pace of exploration. Fortunately nothing serious, even if the battle enemies and bosses, you will hardly out of breath. Being set between the first two chapters you will meet many familiar faces, including old hunter Crypt. As in the past, however, the RPG elements continue to give life to the game, although the balance of the characters is not optimal. As in past games, each character has different branches of skills that allow the strengthening of the basic features and the acquisition of new powers.

Unfortunately during the test, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel showed some technically problems. The game is powered by free xbox live gold, an enhanced version of Engine, but judging from some slowdowns during the most hectic, a aliasing often too sharp and the usual delays in the loading of textures, it is not too well optimized.

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How to progress on Town Hall Level 10

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You are now Town Hall Level 10 and you do not know how to have a good town to defend your resources and trophies in clash of clans? This tutorial will show you the order to improve your buildings and tips regarding the Town Hall Level 10 to quickly have the best village according to your level.

Finally, after 18 long days of waiting there it is! You have finally reached the last Town Hall Level 10 clash of clans. Your Town Hall Level 10 is all fine and its advantages are numerous on clash of clans! The possibility of the towers, an extractor, one more mine, and so on. Start just as with all Town Hall Level upgrades, a new start by building everything new (defense, extractor, etc. Now that you have all buildings, I invite you to take on construction of model villages and strategies for Town Hall Level 9. Or to create a customized, it is up to you.As a first step send a worker on the laboratory. A Worker who will take care of the towers and two workers who will deal with new traps, the new canon of the new tower and the new extractor and mine. As soon as your workers is no longer occupied defense you can send them to upgrade X-bow to the maximum level. The worker who take care of the laboratory will then take care of the clash of clans hack  factory spells.You can improve your new drill if you need black elixir.

Finally here is the last step – never improve several same defenses simultaneously in clash of clans. For example do not improve two Wizard Towers at the same time because it will create too big imbalance in your defense. If your employees work non stop you will maximize your Town Hall level 10 after 206 days. Do not forget that you need a lot of patience if you are about to upgrade your Town Hall to level 10. Clash of Clans is strategic game after all, so there are many strategic and tactical issues that you should address. It is important think in advance and progress in such detailed plan to achieve desired goal. You can speed a process a little with raiding, or with gems, but you will need a lot of gems on higher levels to speed your constructions.

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Awesome Fifa 16 Trading Tips

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This method is very simple trading method for Fifa 16. Simply,go to the market and search for players from 200 gold coins. Fifa 16 Hack Generator Online will provide you with the greatest possible number for about 250 and you will win some. Each of these cards is discarded gold over 350 coins, so you are guaranteed a profit of 50 no matter what is happening. But more often, you can sell players for about 1,500 coins each!

If you did this for 50 players, that’s 45,000 in profits for doing nothing. Just be smart about what you buy and when. The best time to do it at night when it’s not high season. This method is not astonishing and revolutionary, but it definitely works!Do you know any player who has been given an upgrade, as Ronaldo? I hope so, because that’s how this method works! This is a pretty bad way to make money and I would only recommend to those of you without morals. Buy an old version of the player as Ronaldo ’88 and use it in games until their contracts are all gone. He must have a contract to cover its actual tail rating. Then apply a gold card that increases the stats for 15 and sell it. People will see the image contract covering its rating, it will realize that it is actually the lowest quality, and may be quick to buy if the price is affordable. Basically, you’re fooling them into thinking it’s the ’89 -rated when Ronaldo is actually ’88, and as the price difference between these is 20k. You could get rich quick. There are other players, so play around and find what works best for you. Remember; if you do not think about it, you will not feel bad about it.

This method only works with FIFA 16 or more. I use it a lot, though. I have a very good team with a 120 series of chemical in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation, which is worth much more than other formations. This means that you usually have to buy players for about 5k more than the average price. But not everyone sells at high price. For example, Sharlodone was for around 35k when I got it. Its high price was around 47k and was the result of the training I had. However, there are some players that go well below average. I ended up buying a 4-1-2-1-2 Sharlodone for 24k and sell him for 38k in an hour! This is possible because many people do not realize how useful formations are!

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Another side of Minecraft

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Minecraft is awesome game, there are a lot of add-ons and modes that you can add to basic Minecraft game.The default Minecraft experience is Minecraft Premium Gratuit Obtenir capable of many interesting things, but another great thing about Minecraft is that you can expand with accessories.

Although you can find accessories byhand and manually install them according to the instructions, you can save some time by downloading Tekkit. Tekkit is a modified version of Minecraft already includes a package of different texture, along with plenty of interesting accessories. With them, you can build machines that can do a lot of work for you (think of a factory), but also that much work is required to achieve the necessary materials and recipes to create all those pieces of machinery.

Are there any other game that you love? You can probably host your own version of this game Minecraft and play accordingly. If one of your favorite games is a first person shooter, you can have a PvP (player vs. player) game using weapons of various types in Minecraft. Then you can also use the ground automatically generated by a unique challenge in each session, or you can take the time to create their own “maps” Minecraft in which to hold their sessions PvP.Finally, if you want an adventure, there are plenty of maps available for Minecraft adventures. These give you a world of developers to measure, along with lots of instructions to complete the adventure map. Some are easier than others and some are more interactive than others. Good can be fun, though, so it’s worth looking into if you want. If you need some examples, you can find a lot of people playing all sorts of adventure maps on YouTube. You can find a lot of modes that can change your Minecraft experience and turn Minecraft into complete new experience. It is up to you o chose a style that suits you, the world of Minecraft is offering enough variety for all types of players. These are some very general ideas, however creative to get you going in many different uses of Minecraft. There is a reason why Minecraft has hardly any plot, as it allows you to do almost everything you could possibly want. If you need more ideas, you can find plenty of things to just browse through videos on YouTube Minecraft. What is your favorite activity in Minecraft? Have you made any fresh creations? Let us know in the comments!

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